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JoRob Live on the Big Mo Comedy Show 11/16 at 6pm


November 16th at 6pm JoRob will be on the Big Mo Comedy Show talking about the music industry and giving some major tips to indie artist! Make sure you check him out.

Go to http://www.bigmoradioshow.com to listen live.


JoRob Productions 

All artist looking for a placement deal Don’t for get to Checkout http://www.Jorobproductions.com

JoRob & Jammin Jukebox Radio Show Tonight 8:30pm EST

COMING 2NITE 8:30pm EST R&B SOUL ARTIST will be on The Jammin Jukebox Radio Show Jammin Jukebox Radio Show Make sure you tune in to hear whats new. Ask JoRob a question (646) 478-0722

Listen to internet radio with Jammin Jukebox Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio
Jorob R&B artist of the year
Jorob R&B artist of the year
JoRob – R&B’s Best Kept Secret – Album Cover


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