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JoRob Live on the Big Mo Comedy Show 11/16 at 6pm


November 16th at 6pm JoRob will be on the Big Mo Comedy Show talking about the music industry and giving some major tips to indie artist! Make sure you check him out.

Go to http://www.bigmoradioshow.com to listen live.


JoRob Productions 

All artist looking for a placement deal Don’t for get to Checkout http://www.Jorobproductions.com

(Cancelled) JoRob Live Union Jack’s – 1/28/15


JoRob Live Union Jack’s – 1/28/15

Union Jacks

4915 St Elmo Ave

Bethesda, MD 20814

Doors Open at 8:30pm


JoRob Live Union Jacks

Exclusive Pre- Download of the New hit Album No Strings Attached by JoRob "Mr. Talk About'em"
Exclusive Pre- Download of the New hit Album No Strings Attached by JoRob “Mr. Talk About’em”

JoRob – The Witness – Short Film

The Witness was a idea for a comedy skit for a TV show. We decided to go ahead and shoot it ourselves and enter it in this Horror Spoof competition. It’s all in good fun and we hope we didn’t offend any one. So enjoy and look forward to many more projects in the coming future as I get use to my new camera.

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Intro narration – JoRob ( http://www.JoRobIsMusic.com )
Guy seeing shit – Adriano DeSrrento
Friend of guy seeing shit – Nicholas Baker ( http://www.thenicholasbaker.com )
They’re Coming Girl – Mya Stokes
Girl 2 – TJ Stokes
Girl 3 – Ari Iracks
Girl 4 – Sumayya Iracks
Jehovah Witness – JoRob ( http://www.JoRobIsMusic.com )
Make-Up – Epiphany Sings
Casting Director – Portia Yohannes ( http://www.eyecatchingmodelz.com )
Editor – Charles Lightfoot ( http://www.quasarrecordings.com )
Music Composer – Kevin MacLeod
Writer – Charles Lightfoot ( http://www.quasarrecordings.com )
Director Of Photography – Donnie Christopher ( http://www.iambrasco.net )
Producer – Charles Lightfoot ( http://www.quasarrecordings.com )


Make sure you download JoRob’s new album – R&B’s Best Kept Secret today!

JoRob – R&B’s Best Kept Secret – Album Cover