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TUNE IN – jorob live on the nekedietv / devour’e morning show 9/10 at 7pm

Make sure you checkout JoRob this Tuesday 9/10 at 7pm (est) & get the inside on new music & whats been up with your favorite R&B artist JoRob.

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JoRob Live WMUC 88.1FM Feb 15th 8-10pm

JoRob Live WMUC Mecca HipHop

JoRob Live Mecca HipHop University of Maryland

Did you hear the News?! JoRob 4th week

4th week Radio Play For The Single “Love at First Sight” 


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92.9 The Mix – Hartford, CT46 plays this week
96 FM The BeatLas Vegas, NV51 plays this week
KDGR – Dominion Hits – Los Angeles, CA -48 plays this week
KPTR – FM – Atlanta GA49 plays this week
KTMR FM True Music radioCharlotte, NC44 plays this week
Power 99 Jams – Houston, TX52 plays this week

290 Plays Last Week!! You can get it today on all major download sites including #Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Love-At-First-Sight/dp/B00FGFC2T6

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JoRob's 4th week radio play  nationwide
JoRob’s 4th week radio play nationwide


JoRob - Love at First Sight
JoRob Drops New single! Download today on Itunes

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