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JoRob Interviews With PATV


JoRob Interviews With PATV

Checkout Interview  JoRob did with Pat Fraser of PATV.

PATV said this was the best interview that have  had.

A bunch of new information on whats to come with our very own JoRob!


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Exclusive Interview with JoRob & MindOnMyMusic.com “How To Break The Industry”

JoRob Is about his business!

Checkout the interview JoRob just did with Mind on My Music. He tells you the in’z & Out’z of how to make it as an entertainer and what to expect. Make sure you go to www.MindOnMyMusic.com

JoRob Interview with Mind on My Music
Mind on My Music


JoRob – R&B’s Best Kept Secret – Album Cover


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