JoRob Drops 2 New Singles! Download on Itunes Today!

Sexy R&B track you will listen to over and over again. “Love at First Sight” is a great mid tempo dance track with an original R&B sound.
This song has a Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and Usher sound with a twist of Trey Songz & Chris Brown. If you loved the album R&B’s Best Kept Secret Album and songs like “Say What’s on Your Mind” you will love this single. JoRob will take you on a musical journey so get ready

JoRob - Love at First Sight
JoRob Drops New single! Download today on Itunes
JoRob - Itunes
Download JoRob’s new Album and singles on Itunes today!

Falling Apart – Today life seems to be harder and harder. let it be your love life, family, or problems at work. There is so much pressure on the average person these days. I want you to close your eyes and focus on this song and your feelings. Do you feel the words? can you feel the pain? Use this song to give you courage to move on and better yourself.
this is a powerful song full of emotion. This song will take you on an emotional journey through the up’s and down’s of life.

Exclusive New Single - JoRob - Falling Apart
Download JoRob’s New single today on Itunes or
JoRob - Itunes
Download JoRob’s new Album and singles on Itunes today!

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